PGE Narodowy, Warsaw 8 July 2018 Lithograph


Release date: 14 January, 2021

The final show of the 2018 European Tour and this setlist is a great way to mark this event, Ronnie has added ‘end of this leg’ to the top of the setlist and Keith has added his Kilroy Was Here’ seal of approval. From Street Fighting Man to Satisfaction, the songs are familiar but the addition of Bitch gives this final setlist of the year as well as the show itself a real difference. If you were there, then you’ll remember.

'During rehearsals, I draw up set lists on big canvases, putting down the songs and the keys they're in. We hang these set lists on the rehearsal room walls so we know where we've been and where we're going.' – Ronnie Wood

'I illustrate the band's set lists, sometimes Keith and Mick add little doodles, and they become works of art in their own right.' - Ronnie Wood

Over the last two decades, the songs that the Rolling Stones have played in rehearsals, live shows and studio sessions have been recorded by Ronnie Wood in a series of handpainted set lists. The result is a unique collection of canvases that document sell-out tours across the globe.

Now is your chance to have your very own lithographic prints of selected set lists, only available in the Official Ronnie Wood Artwork Store.

  • Printed on high quality lithographic paper
  • Measurements 420 x 594mm (A2)